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«You see the world inside out»

Posted : 13 years, 8 months ago on 20 October 2010 06:14 (A review of The Inhabited Island)

I must say that I read the original source, which in general is a fan of creative Strugatsky brothers and quite picky viewer. And add that to the movie I was already having read all of sharply negative reviews with a strong prejudice and desire most to see that things are really bad. And I was disappointed. In the reviews.
I'll start from the beginning.

Yes, the movie is something removed, something added, but it is quite normal, since the film was withdrawn not by the book and the script, and he can not vary. Yes, an extra insert (for example, the prophet puppeteer), but the scene in 30 seconds can not be so drastically spoil a 2-hour film.
Indeed, many things licked. As soon as the ship appeared on the screen from the Matrix, I thought: the beginning, and even a scene with her grandmother. But then again, even such a beginning can not spoil the whole film.
With regard to the changes. Well, you have surrendered silver shorts, I swear! "Me and the scenery (I doubt that, almost without touching descriptions of the city, Strugatskie had in mind here is a cyber-punk), me and exterior characters (Maxim Kammerer on the book by Brunet). But the story itself passed well, he develops a clear and more or less organically fits into the idea of the movie.

I will say about the casting. Overall, I liked it. Bondarchuk, incidentally, is also very, very much. Yes, the prosecutor in the book was ugly and generally nasty person. In the film, he is also ugly, but it is not repelled by her appearance. And its glamor ... but so what? I see no crime in that Bondarchuk has somewhat changed role for himself and played it, among other things, very well.

The protagonist of me at all impressed, and it's not his looks, but the fact that this is his first role and he played it well, nowhere replaying and not doigryvaya. Eventually, we ought to make some sex symbol movie, and he, in my opinion, very suitable, not Mikhail Boyarsky, of course, but still.
Glad Gaal. Well, the words of Guy on arrival: "You're so skinny!" Is clearly not about her) but she still is very attractive, our response anareksichnym actresses in Hollywood. And also played well, no complaints have.
Sam Guy I too was pleasantly surprised, very afraid to see this movie glamor boy of the club, but he obviously obrutalel, pumped up, earring from his ear pulled (though the holes remain, and every time you close-up on the left was very noticeable).

I just do not like Daddy. Not with a face of the bandit brigade or Boomer to talk philosophical guidance "children". And the captain, Chacha, too, left a contradictory impression. There would Gosha Kutsenko ... And he Ghosh, incidentally, very well managed with the role of the boar, however, dreadlocks could not do).
Can not but mention Anna Mikhalkov! She is very nice to me as Ordi Tudur, and her dark hair in general is to face.
Sergei Garmash perfectly fits the role, Zeph is probably the only character who turned out in the movie the way I have it myself and imagined.
And the last I - The Wanderer, who was also greatly changed for the sake of aesthetics. Perhaps this is not bad, Alexei Serebryakov all the more enjoyable to watch than a bald, eared and ugly uncle.
As for the plot. In the beginning there is a sense really skomkannosti, indistinct, especially when Max goes through the city and the camera switches from one to another so rapidly that really did not have time to discern. But then everything falls into place, stop jumping and going by the book.
Greatly disappointed me only two things. First - no uncle, Rada and Guy, he was certainly not the main character, but very interesting. True this can be explained by the fact that the "GS" - a blockbuster, not a philosophical tale, and if nothing is clean, it was necessary to shoot the show. And the second - dog-Golovan. Here are the werewolves of them really do not worth it, but it was all in favor of action.
And finally, it was not pleasant, but my assessment is not affected - the city itself, the world, life. For those who love the cyber-punk should like it, I do not like, and represented the city is not overgrown and totally crap New York, but rather large, Soviet, with hrushevkami, old (and not-polutankami polubmp) machines and other attributes of life Union . But I'm not filming The Island, so it turned out the way saw him Bondarchuk. A bit disappointing, but not deadly.
And it is precisely for this I appeal to all! Everyone was and is my opinion, what should the world, but we must try to abstract from it and just look at the inhabited island, like a good fantasy action movie or bolbaster, as you like and do not judge so harshly.

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Avant-garde dream of reason.

Posted : 13 years, 11 months ago on 5 August 2010 06:32 (A review of Inception)

"Welcome to the world Nolan."

This is a grand dream, which is located on the shore of the subconscious. Its nature is paradoxical, but the essence of the unknown. It makes the time - to stop, stretch and shrink, while quantifiable value is not meaningless. Dreams erase all the differences: then and now, life and death. " And staying in your dreams, do you think that they - the reality. But is it worth to wake up and it is difficult to distinguish fantasy from real incidents. Brightness experienced rapidly fading. Only a true manipulator of consciousness is able to infect your imagination in such an inexhaustible source of light, which will keep lights and after the very encouraging. To raise a dream inside of sleep, forced into oblivion world reality. In a split second to show encrypted in distant corners of the mind message, illustrating the desire to reveal all the details of sleep to make sure that the unit axiom - it is the most abstract, interactive and amazing beautiful dream world that opened your eyes.

Having honed skills and a precious ability to turn any picture into a faceted diamond, Christopher Nolan is the best director today. His ideas are outstanding and the designs of giant. Fabrics authentic majestic mind the director, who carries a fount of phenomenal ideas. The artist never creates a formatted movies, tapes only lead the audience into a state of rare catharsis. Masterpieces in the gene code, which is a talent deal with the hidden parts of the human brain. Due to such excellent skills maestro performs the role of direct catalyst of artistic perfectionism world cinema. His innovative work «Inception», based on the reminiscences of the ideas of the famous American science fiction writer, promises not only to narrative art, but also a milestone in the history of modern cinema. Picture, which will be conceptually a new look at the future. The product, captured the transformation of the information age technologies. But the main story, which seemed to ricochet piercing leave traces in the soul of everyone.

In this brilliant sci-fi puzzle chartered a thief carries out the removal of trade secrets, as a result of the invasion into the subconscious of unsuspecting individuals. For its purpose Cobb uses psychotropic medications and special equipment, as a result of interaction which is possible to bathe in the landscape, existing on the verge of fantasy. The flip side, enclosed in the intervention of foreign dreams, is paranoid reflection of personal drama in his right mind the main character. By focusing on the embodiment of life perfectly planned and multi simulacrum to import the idea into the consciousness of an armed businessman, the character begins to systematically aware of the alarming truth, thanks to the fatal words of the projection of his beloved wife. Reality and dreams are one unit, on the verge of a limb. Close, in fact, to this revelation, which was organized as a complex, a dizzying maze pattern «Inception» simulates the front of the audience, another universe in which the driving force of science plays a minor role, compared with the full of dreams. But this does not mean ignoring the reliable device physical laws on which lives a fantasy world. The deviation from the previously studied only allows the director to focus on the originality of the project, and the film set a number of provocative questions, which are based on esoteric reflections on the nature of the human mind is in a state of sleep.

Sensing a lack of boundaries of imagination, Christopher Nolan should be integrated to all its principles. His creation demonstrates an innovative approach in all aspects, which can be achieved only beyond the established canons and rehashed storylines. The scenario on which the director has worked for ten years - is not just a feat of cinematic work, but also a tribute to the classic Kubrick. But where the master of cold style made only cautious steps, Nolan arranges marathon. «Inception» unique pattern, which consists, and, consequently, operates at many levels volyuntarnyh. Like each of the hyperbolic phases of sleep, which has a transcendental structure, the work recreates the various stages of the genre existence. When the leitmotif is beginning to acquire the features of a smart and exciting thriller, gradually emerges a portrait of a broken man who is obsessed attempts to revive a lost love. History sensual varies between two essences, and leaves behind a long aftertaste.

In terms of scale and style, the film is comparable with the best excursions in the history of Agent 007. Continuing eyes will please the most beautiful corners of our planet. The rapid pursuit with a view of the Arctic vault, supported by intuitive installation, can cause heart palpitations. We can not come to the delight of the mind-blowing of decaying cities, urban streets connecting into a coherent whole, large-scale scenery, a striking absence of gravity. But more important than emotional shell belts, because of which does not disappear refined atmosphere of Enigma. In this regard, the product turned out to be extremely balanced. Nolan juggles subplots, revealing the inner worlds of the protagonists, while Wally Pfister amazing retrospective of professional staff. The multifaceted role of Leonardo DiCaprio, saturates the film elements of tragedy and reveals the psychological depth, by contrasting the privileges mind over heart, as well as the desire to be reunited with those whom we love and lost. His game is not ambivalent makes it clear that the actor is worthy of the golden statuettes than anyone else. Symbolic image of Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy play a gifted, brilliant dialogue Michael Caine and hallucinatory symphony Hans Zimmer, complete cinematic ecstasy.

If the tape «Inception» is a metaphysical avant-garde, it is clearly a touch of metaphorical allusions. You can not see the similarities between the character and DiCaprio's own director. Activity Nolan is identical to postmodernity happening, though, in our reality. Like an architect who came from the pages of science fiction novel, the wizard of detailed accuracy of reconstructing the objective world of sleep, using any previously embedded in the consciousness of the public progressive ideas, as much operating time of his own mind. And all for the sake of effect lasting impression of spectators, who took possession of his work. But in order to discover the significance the work, you need to concentrate and perceive the hidden characters, clever puzzles director from the very first frame. Though the beginning of etude and opens the curtain in front of you all the secrets and the true meaning of unreal work of the artist, but will make a profound allusion to his true greatness. And until a few seconds, it will be an outstanding movie.

Cinema is capable of revolutionizing the cinema, and rewrite any rules. One great idea with perfect embodiment, which can affect the perception of reality and change the outlook of each. Christopher Nolan, thanks visionary ideas, invented a truly ideal mechanism contained in the heart of building a unique picture. His imagination completely encapsulates the concept of dreams, through the prism of the opening of the parallel measurements of illusions. In an innovative idea of the director centered on the radical philosophy, directed them to study architecture of the individual mind, in order to identify the limiting boundaries of human consciousness. But the tape «Inception» not only focuses on the intellectual experiment, but also projects a subtle moral distinction, in which the crime drama is interwoven with the family tragedy. And like an allegory for the incredible value and design type of art before us is a unique dream that do not want to go.

Perhaps this is an absolute masterpiece of the XXI century, in the way of becoming a modern classic. Sensational standard surrealistic genre with expressive content. Or just a movie dream that will never forget. Time will tell and dot...

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Wings - freedom, but when opened in flight, behind

Posted : 14 years ago on 27 June 2010 01:44 (A review of Pearl Harbor)

"When friendship is real, which for the sake of a friend is ready for all that, too - one facet of love"

Pearl Harbor - Naval Station USA in the central Pacific Ocean, where the main forces of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. 's Attack on Dec. 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor, Japan launched the war in the Pacific. Fighting in the area of Pearl Harbor were part of Hawaiian operations of Japanese naval forces.

Two faithful friends. Rafe and Danny. From early childhood they were inseparable. Always together - and in sorrow and in joy. They really valued their strong friendship, strongly supporting each other in various stages of a life. Many lived through together, but more needs to be, because flares Second World War.

What can I say? The movie I just shook. Prior to the depths. Do not even know that I can feel such emotions throughout this movie and after it. Effect on browsing seemed penetrated into my heart and for some time, I simply lived with the main characters and their fates.

Roles of main characters Danny and Rafe played by Josh Hartnett and Ben Affleck. A brave and loving Rafe, in the performance Affleck is magnificent. But Danny, all such romantic, faithful and devoted to the iron will, not just words as well. After watching "Pearl Harbor" this hero has become one of my most favorite art images. Oh, and grace of this movie was wonderful Evelyn, in the performance of Kate Beckinsale. The standard of female beauty, both external and internal, so can be summarized character Beckinsale.

Michael Bay just a virtuoso in their field. Do not stop to admire his work. "Rock", "Island", viewed by me, left me indifferent. In "Pearl Harbor" all so organically and efficiently, really. Many dubbed this film "a nice-looking drama. Categorically disagrees with such statements. Romance line, certainly - one of the main story lines in the film, but the film is built not only on her. The film is closely related to real events. A lot of critics attacked the "Pearl Harbor" precisely because of some inconsistencies with history. It's certainly the case, but what if you think about? The film is a feature rather than a purely documentary, based no accurate facts. So, small blemishes can be justified.

Separately want to mention sound design movie. You can only say that the composer - and Hans Zimmer will have nothing to add. His music - a masterpiece of modern art. In this I was convinced of "the Rock" and "Pirates of the Caribbean". But in "Pearl Harbor" music has become one of the components of the film, is inextricably linked with the action of painting. Well, the reward for all that served golden statuette. Winning the nomination for an Oscar for "Best Editing Sound" - it already means something.

So in conclusion, after watching "Pearl Harbor" I am filled with emotion, with only positive. The film impressed me. I'm sure that for a long time in my memory is this beautiful drama. What is there to talk, if a month later after watching before my eyes is the final climactic scene. "Pearl Harbor" deservedly became one of my most favorite movies.

"We love that about whom we care." (C) Saint-Exupery.

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City of lost souls

Posted : 14 years ago on 27 June 2010 01:43 (A review of Sin City)

I heard about Dante's Inferno,
But this was even worse.

Welcome to dark Sin City - a city living, which everyone thinks they are dead. Welcome to the city, where not come happy. In the twilight city of lost souls!

Recently, adaptations of graphic novels (comic books) have become very popular. And, although all the cash they collect a good, successful film adaptation still very little.

Why? Probably for the simple reason, which is in style. should be to get a really high-quality adaptation of the graphic novel, you need to create a graphic movie "- is completely under the stylized comic.

And Robert Rodriguez movie was such a success in its entirety. One could say that Rodriguez was the first person to such a genre in film introduced.

The film leaves the impression of a double - both attractive, tempting and heavy rejects.

Heavy, because in the picture there is no positive hero. They remind me of nothing more and nothing less than the procession of sinners in hell, bas-relief of London church, described by L. Vasilyeva:

"Cowardice ruffled marble folds pathetic cheeks. Open laughing deception, pleased with his success. Flattery will spread across the nose of the pig. Indifference, almost fatally, chilled on puffy cheeks. Authoritatively thundering triumph force. And quietly pohihikivala triumph over neighboring meanness. Sensuality sticks out his tongue and holds his ear to play with animal-like demon. Hatred burned rugged features of male face. Vile grinning defeated by treachery. Lying to bend thin eyebrows. and meaningless, iron gaze looked true. "

So, Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez present an anthology of us sin and sinners, which would be the envy of any Scriptures. Every action the hero is not simply one of a vice, but a whole bunch of those.

And, at the same time, they, by some reason, simpatiziruesh. Most, at least.

To explain such sympathy is rather difficult. On the one hand, it is, of course, the attraction of vice, and as to the other - a simple human surprisingly, stupor, shock - call it what you want. In short, a reaction to something new, unusual and beautiful.

I look forward to continue!

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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger !

Posted : 14 years ago on 27 June 2010 10:53 (A review of Never Back Down)

Uh ... how many emotions I have after watching! Just do not put into words. Aj that year was attended by a desire to see this tape, sorry I did not know what to lose. Thanks, TNT, who once convinced that through this channel yet quite often show a very decent films! At least me deeply touched.

Cast. I want to say about it in the first place. Impressed. The main characters are so good. Picture of course - the film's success. And here seems so much beauty. Just none. Do not argue every movie and all its just a pleasant person but they are combined with beautiful bodies. After all this yummy decorate it they well and talent of course. Main characters certainly do not lack in this!

Very much want to say about Sean Faris. No matter how many movies with him was not looking, he can decorate any. Excellent appearance, especially the eyes, smile, and in this film still and the body. Do not tear my eyes away. Madly he a nice guy. You look at him and you can not not smile! Checked N number of times.

Amber Heard in spite of its not very serious role, put strong enough. Excellent couple would marry them with Faris. Wonderful harmony. Brunette with blonde always looks elegant and they are not an exception.

Evan Peters added, positive, well played and rather well blended. Not detract from the main and quite a handsome boy.

And of course Cam Zhigande. The boy - a scoundrel. She met with his personality on the show "Lonely Hearts". She looked not a little of its work. I do not remember, and the role with him, wherever he has not played a bad guy. His gaze is itself a sly and hot. There would be only the negative characters are not played, disappointed by his actions, has provoked anger and all the same, whatever one may say, crazy like! Awfully temperamental and sexy guy. His beloved course terribly lucky.

Plot. Very good. Interesting, very interesting, fun and a thousand times interesting.

Music. And here everything is fine. In each accompanied by music with absolute precision is chosen at the time. Only the color and not distracting. They even glows passion.

My verdict of 10 out of 10! Watch everything necessary. The storm of emotions and mostly sea of positive emotions. Despite the drama, were no tears, and felt good with a smile to the ears!

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You - my personal brand of heroin

Posted : 14 years ago on 27 June 2010 10:51 (A review of Twilight)

Film, which shook me
When you want to see a beautiful love story, then this movie for you, if you look at the beautiful Vampire - is not worth spending the money. Not really they're just too ugly, but rather not really vampires. It vampirchiki. Glamour such. Who previously looked at least one movie about blood-sucking beauties, certainly remember that the light they die, and are not reflected in the mirrors. About the garlic and silver bullets will not speak, it has gone out of fashion. In "Twilight," vampires are not just afraid of the world, more than that - the sun vampires begin to glow! And somehow ashamed of this ...

Oh, and thanks to "Twilight" I learned that there are vampires, vegetarians - it is a realm of fantasy, bordering with a strange sense of humor. Why strange? Yes, because "vegetarianism" here is eating only animals, people in this movie, eating only the bad vampires. And now on the merits.

17-year-old Bella moves because of family troubles, her father in a small town where it rains constantly. In the local school immediately appear friends, but the trouble is - he likes a strange guy from the strange little family. The father of the vampire family, frankly, reminded me (oh, and another recalled how!) Of Lestat "Interview with a Vampire" ... well, generally a nice person, except that he bite of their foster children and wife at the same time . As for that strange guy (Edward), he met our heroine as a very very cold, to say the least: he almost vomited! That's the reaction ... On the very next meeting he turned into a nice, strong, handsome (koim we and remember). Love began to turn, and quite rapidly. Why thank you writers - in the film only one kiss, and he almost chastely pure. Just lovely!

But the dialogues are sometimes astonishingly ridiculous (although, it may be in translation), especially in the scenes of special tenderness the characters to each other. And no attempt throughout the movie to convince me that Bella madly in love with Edward and is ready to die for it, it was still residue from the thought that she was just very much wants to become a vampire. No more. Edward is, the eternal 17-year-old seems to be madly in love ... and wants to eat it!

What I did not like is the lack of any explanation of hostility between the "good" and "poor" vampire. And with the ancestors of wolves for some unexplained silence. Could really say that they are associated with werewolves, but, as we know, between vampires and werewolves eternal struggle. Incidentally, the film is very nice "cub"! ..

Yes, the theme of beauty heroes - a different story. In one perspective, they are admired, while others - only to reproach and curve grin. Hairstyle by Edward I generally kill: a bird's nest for some. Although, in general, everything is normal. And the taste and color ... That is such a movie here. In my opinion. Very good impression was left (though I thought that it was created in haste). And if you want to teach my second half of love a beautiful, brings it to the "Twilight", maybe something happens.

This is what rock film. But the book ...

The book, which turned out even better than the movie
Well what can I say? Bravo, Stephanie Meyer, Bravo! Honestly, do not read anything more penetrating in the past, say, a months-five. Those who first saw the film (and I am to them, too), the book will reveal the strangeness, incompleteness and frank stupidity of the movie. To be fair to the end, the film views of the importance of heroes for me were very, very vague, and the relationship seemed rather cold. Only the book taught me all the secrets, all the dark corners of the soul of the beautiful vampire and will undoubtedly brave girl. Now I completely understand why Edward was trying to distance themselves from Bella - he loves her and tries to protect from all the dangers of this terrible twilight world ... What a hero!

The book is written on behalf of Bella, seriously easy to work on deciphering its image. It is madly in love with the fearless pale young man (who, only without the laughter already for 90 years), but it is incredibly difficult to stay close to him, restraining his desire to try not to give away their fears (which, incidentally, actually vampires relate very rarely and only most out of the corner). Stephenie Meyer is not just written a remarkable book, it opened all our girlish secrets! Well Is it possible? .. On the other hand, maybe it's a little easier understanding between man and woman. That is, with a capital letter.

Talking about the style of the writer, I can not mention one tiny little feature that makes the product in the beloved. The simplicity and uncompromising language Stephenie Meyer creates a strange sense of closeness to the characters, their feelings. You begin to realize that all this is so close to you most (myself), that the hour run through the body of notorious creepy! I so want to go on the white pages of the novel so fascinating mind! Heroes in the movie and the book perceive quite differently; book version gives not just a sense of reality, but still close to them. Talking about the eternal and not be unlimited! Even if we exclude all the sobs, sighs and other sweet girlish sounds of Edward.

Incidentally, I would hope that men also are capable of such a masculine equivalent of the behavior for a girl like Bella. The novel recounts the history of not only the main characters. In the book we learn all the preceding history of the complication of love: the ancestors and the bronze-haired Jacob, and the degeneration of Carlisle (father Edward and Co.), even the origin of elfin Alice find here reflected, not to mention the peculiarities of vegetarianism "good" vampires. Oh, and what's going on in the souls of Edward and Bella! .. This is not to convey in words, but if read the book, then find out why.

Incredibly, when you read about the "imps" in the eyes of a passionate vampire, the reader (and especially female reader), if look at myself in the mirror, probably noticed in his eyes the same "imps"! And perhaps (if nature nowhere more sensitive), and even biting his lower lip and, of course, hold your breath ... In fact, the love of a vampire and a man full of passion, impulse, and both tenderness and purity. It fascinates. It makes you flipping page after page.

The book will not let you sleep until you finish reading the last word, until you change your mind all thoughts regarding this, coming as always at the wrong time. This drug, fortunately, is not forbidden.

It may seem surprising, but I went to the "Twilight" again, after the book. Oh very strong impression he made on me.

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Señoritas Bandidas

Posted : 14 years ago on 26 June 2010 05:13 (A review of Bandidas)

I do not know, maybe I do not know very well the world of cinema, but in my time I had never seen a really successful adventure movies where the main characters - are women. Where do not you look - everywhere men. Of course, I understand - to be strong and all that, but women often manifest themselves in these characters: to recall the times of the Great Patriotic War - how the Nazis put our female snipers. And a movie with this case some stagnation. But a respected man in world cinema, Luc Besson has decided to correct this disorder and write a script (as well as a producer), the US-French-Mexican film «Bandidas». The name speaks for itself: the main protagonist - a girl, Bandidas, and events of the film sends the viewer into the hot Mexico.

Plot. Mexico, XIX century. Some American businessman named Jackson decided to "cut the Bubble" on the construction of a railway across the country. But the problem - the construction is not possible on the planned sites - these lands belong to local farmers. But Jackson solves the problem is very simple - kill local chief Don Diego, take control of Mexican banks, evicting the poor peasants from their land, who do not agree - that also sends to the other world. Rebelled against the invaders, two girls - a farmer's daughter Maria Alvarez and Don Diego, an aristocrat Sarah Sandoval. Having chosen the path of Mexican Robinhood, they begin looting the banks belonging to Jackson, to oust arrogant gringo in Mexico, and restore justice. They soon became popular throughout the country and receive the support of people that are very infuriates Jackson. The villain begins to use different ways to catch the gangsters ...

In all its essence, the movie "Bandidas" no-shows is nothing new, using all the most an excess plot moves and tricks: is the main villain is the main characters, who rebelled against him in the name of kindness and justice and defeat the villain, "sending" him away or more simply - killing. But, nevertheless, the film turned out very good, drivingly, interesting and funny - all that is required of entertaining movies.

The film is primarily remembered its star cast. Penelope Cruz as Maria Alvarez and Salma Hayek as Sara Sandoval played very well: jumping, skillfully ride horses, constantly joking and sharp. Originally, both speak English with a noticeable Mexican accent that betrays them a lot of charisma. Well, the fact that both are good looks, I think, can not recall - it's obvious. Coped well with their task Steve Zann in the role of detective Quentin hired by Jackson to catch the gangsters. He is, as befits a character of such a plan, plays the role of joker and comedian - although the detective with experience, but behaves like a dork. Naturally, Quentin soon learns there's the real villain who and side with gangsters. But Dwight Yokemu as Jackson, in my opinion, some lack of charisma. Though it can be seen - the actor was trying very hard. Good José María Negri as a father Pablo. Also remember Sam Shepard in the role of the former "bear hunter" Billy Buck, who teaches the major characters in the art plunder.

The film also impresses with its technical side. Picture the movie great, high-quality, full of vivid saturated colors. In the frame now and then there are incredibly beautiful landscapes Mexican steppes, mountains, rivers and prairies in the hot sun. Even the mansion of Don Diego - and she is remembered for its beauty. Camera work - also at a height, then tried to Thierry Arbogast on whose account kinohit "Fifth Element". It is great for musical accompaniment - splendid, "familiar from childhood," Mexican tune, place - a modern interpretation.

One can not mention one major pluses of film - the presence of humor and a mass of funny scenes. That only is the episode where Sarah taught Mary kissing, using Quentin as "object" for training. Or a small fight scene main characters.

As for action scenes, they, like shooting the film a bit. Of course, remembered the original escape from Sarah's father's house, or the final scrimmage in a railway carriage. But the main action here is based on the replicas and funny situations that fall into the main characters, fast robberies of banks and see the landscapes of Mexico. This, in principle, enough to film looked in the same breath and leave only positive impressions.

In short, if you want to look good, funny, entertaining movie with women in the title role and Mexico - "Bandidas" a great option. Excellent movie. Pity, though, that at the box failed. Unfair.

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Little Penelope

Posted : 14 years ago on 26 June 2010 05:12 (A review of Gothika)

Watch a movie convinced me that I am a clever horror movies main characters, but because I could kill him first, if I were in their place. Halle Berry as an actress has always respected, but was not particularly a fan, but Robert Downey Jr.. - My pet is obvious. Maybe I'm adapts the facts under the theory, but his game was great.

Actually it was a pleasant oscheschunie that all the actors in place, but it is really a pity that so few of Penelope Cruz - clear, bright character who sets the tone from the first moments after the credits. She's here, we can say, as Angelina Jolie in "your original life, but it is unforgivable not enough!

I very receptive to the sound effects, as had sometimes to turn off the sound in order to save bits of self-control. In general, the film enjoyed, although I was not sure of this until recently, to the last sentence of Robert Downey, "Miranda, I'm sorry." The scene at the end, so-called "Happy End" (this is America! "Though French director and Canadian" landscape ") was unnecessary. The vision of a boy - pritenzii to continue, which was not. In this episode, smeared characters Cruz, and Miranda has acquired an aura of the hero-rescuer. Extra. Better yet Downey Jr. show, or mad Penelope.

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All my life I tossed feelings, and now I'm exhaust

Posted : 14 years ago on 26 June 2010 05:10 (A review of Blow)

"Blow" - one of the few excellent crime drama, which, perhaps, trying to make the life of known drug dealers, but they do it so ingeniously, that sometimes you want to at least one minute to try yourself in the shoes of Tony Montana's, or about George Jung. Since the "Scarface" - my favorite film of this genre, "Cocaine" just could not appeal, and Johnny Depp's character here is even more sympathy than Al Pacino in 1983. Morality is the same - pursuit of the American dream in this manner in the end will not lead to anything good, no matter how much wealth and power she brought. And most interesting - these characters are all well aware, so a simple conclusion - in another they are your life and not just imagined.

First of all, in this movie interesting story - it is a gradual ascent of the young George Jung on top of the triumph of his own, he could not exist as most people around him, this whole routine and monotony are not left him the choice. Certainly, any drug trafficking - the worst, what can dedicate himself a man, even in the movies it looks so appealing and interesting. On the other hand, such a person, as Jung, deserves some respect, because going for their dreams and achieved all that I could wish for. This is already in a tragic finale, he is aware of something like that in reality he wanted from life, in addition to the wealth and respect in circles of drug traffickers.

Also, unlike the same Tony Montana, he did not go ahead, did not suffer a mental disorder and not going crazy from the mountains of cocaine. I do not know in real life this character of the film Jang performed by Johnny Depp looks like a harmless, quite a decent guy. His case, he does not Rotate through brute force and arrogance, but by cunning and respect for business partners. Of course, in this business are inevitable continuous killings. betrayal, prison, and other "joys of cocaine Life. The fact that the main character was well aware that he is doing and why he himself has repeatedly explained during the film that shows us the real firmness of his personality.

The director Ted Demme turned out no worse than the other creators of first-class crime dramas. "Cocaine" is interesting, pretty shot "dynamic", but Brian De Palma, is likely to twenty years after the "Persons with a scar, it would be an order of magnitude more powerful. But all this demonstrated by the movies The American dream seems even here is very attractive. And the film is good finale, because the more people look a version of the life drug dealer is, the more of them will be able to make their point of view. In addition to excellent Depp, Penelope Cruz remembered role and Franka Potente, cast here is excellent. Who is the composer Graeme Revell, I think, to speak not need. In general, one of the best crime dramas in film.

In my opinion - strong intelligent film, such films are very few.

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By strong death is love, whether it is stronger an

Posted : 14 years ago on 26 June 2010 05:08 (A review of Volver)

Pedro Almodovar continues to one of its main themes - women. This is the story of three female generations (grandmother, mother and daughter), presented through the prism of family, friendship, neighborhood, and romantic relationships.
The film is touching, kind and real. Strength and true emotions. Such films is small and the glory of God that very few people come to mind to make a film in such a scenario. He was worth not enough so honestly, sincerely, without embellishment to show real life.

The woman made for love, for family and relationships. The main character Raymond - (Penelope Cruz,) - powered by 5 jobs to feed themselves, lazy husband and daughter, a teenager (Paul - Ioan Cobo). Misfortune pursued one after the other: many years ago died in a fire mother and father, Raimundo was separated from her sister (Sole - Lola Dueñas), leaving on the education of her aunt. After the death of his parents many years have passed and the girls, now women, have made their own attempts to create their own family, and both failed. Now my aunt died Sole and Raimundo they remained in dvoem face emerging challenges.

What if her daughter recognized that her father molested her?

What to do if only depends on you whether your child at dinner or not?

What a man feels after learning their diagnosis - CANCER?

It does not matter what to survive in a small town, and fall to the bottom?

How to forgive the people closest to?

How to start a new life?

Remarkable film! Leaves behind a pleasant aftertaste, the turns of events not give to be bored and watch a movie until the last second title (by the way, registration of titles in Almodovora deserves its own assessment in 10 out of 10).
The classic work of the operator a significant bonus - the nerves are naked and it would be inappropriate and unnecessary use of "kickbacks" and philosophical views. Picture smoothly and correctly conveys the mood and emotion fueled colors. Choosing the right music adds color to the mood and leaves a taste memories of the picture.
Try it, you'll like ...

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